Power Electronics - high quality level of visitors


In 2020, the Power Electronics exhibition was successful, despite the difficulties associated with the epidemiological situation that accompanied the entire process of preparing for the event.

 Power Electronics - high quality level of visitors
n 2020, Power Electronics was held in the same hall with the international exhibition of materials and equipment for surface treatment, coating and electroplating industries ExpoCoating Moscow.   The combination of the two expositions allowed the exhibitors to demonstrate their products to a larger number of specialists responsible for the selection and procurement of industrial equipment, components and modules.  The hall, where the Power Electronics and ExpoCoating Moscow exhibitions were held, were visited by 2,450 specialized specialists. The share of top and middle managers among visitors in 2020 increased to 59%.

We managed to maintain a high quality level of exhibition visitors, which, of course, is a guarantee of the commercial efficiency of participation for exhibitors: • 75% - visitors who came to the exhibition in order to search for goods and services, as well as for general industry information and professional development • 45% are new visitors who did not visit Power Electronics in 2019 • 59% - top and middle managers.

Among the visitors of the exhibition are representatives of industrial enterprises. leading suppliers of electronic components, companies engaged in the design, installation, integration of equipment.
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