Post-release 2020


October 27-29, 2020, the Crocus Expo Exhibition Center,Moscow, Russia.

Post-release 2020
On October 27-29, 2020 the 17th International exhibition of power electronics components and modules – Power Electronics - was held in Moscow, Russia.

Power Electronics is specialized exhibition of power electronics components and modules for various industries in Russia.
The exhibition has become a long-expected platform for offline communication, experience exchange in overcoming the difficulties, caused by the pandemic, and of course for negotiating and concluding agreements and contacts.
Despite the current restrictions on business trips, closed boarders, the exhibition could gather a significant audience of participants and visitors.
Traditionally participating companies presented recent developments in the area of power electronics components and modules for various industries: power supplies, voltage converters, printed circuit boards, sensors and controls, IGBT modules, power units, drivers, diodes, power cooling systems, power assemblies, rectifiers, inverters, cooling radiators, measuring equipment for the electrical components and power sources and other types of devices.
Among participants there were industry leading companies: Magneton Factory, Proton-Electrotex, Milandr, Parameus, PromElectronica, NTC Aktor, VSPP-S, Pulsed Technologies LTD, Technologika, Elsic, Electrovipryamitel  PJSC and other companies. Among new exhibitors there were JSC OKB Planeta, Optron-Stavropol, Keysight Technologies.
The companies presented a full range of equipment  and turnkey solutions in the field of power electronics for energy and energy saving, electrical engineering, biomedicine, industrial automation, navigation systems, electric transport, security systems, telecommunications, transport engineering and aircraft manufacturing, the military-industrial complex, metallurgy, construction and other industries. 
Proton-Electrotex presented a number of new products, including the single component module BO, inverter power stack, press-pack IGBT, IGBT module MIHA. Visitors of the exhibition were able to talk to the company’s specialists and get detailed information about new products and planned research products.
Milandr company presented a portable CHAdeMO DC charging device MCS-1T22-A, that allows to charge rapidly electric vehicle from three-phase AC network,   synchronous motor PD 150-40-4, which is intended for use in the open air as fraction engine for aircrafts,   controller KL 150-3-1, used to power and control synchronous motor, Li-lon battery with control unit Bl-300, used as current source for air and ground transport vehicles, devices, as energy storage unit.
PJSC Elektovipryamitel demonstrated experience and knowledge in the field of development and supply of power semiconductor devices (photothyristors, thyristors, diodes) and modules (IGBT, FRD, diode-thyristor, hybrid Si-SiC), coolers and drivers, power assemblies.

Maintained by  Ryazan export support center a few enterprises of Ryazan region took part in Power Electronics  2020.  The company’s   representatives established new business contacts, exchanged information with potential partners, presented new products.

Andrey Piskunov, chief designer of Promelectronica LLC: «We present a DC charging station for 50Kw for charging electric vehicles. Our equipment meets all international requirements for electric charging stations. If we are talking about safety and functionality, we can mention, that our stations stay ahead of the pack. Such solutions are interesting for local markets.  At the moment we have negotiated with potential partners from Kazakhstan, Belarus».
For the first time within the business program of Power Electronics 2020, on October 27, the Roundtable «Electro Motion» took place with the participation of representatives of the Association “Power Supply”.

The Power Supply Association unites developers, manufacturers, consumers of power supplies. Nowadays it is  one of the important structures, forming  the unified scientific and technical policy and uniting the potential of industrial enterprises, sectoral institutes,  modern science  in providing  development and production of innovative power supply components and power electronics element base.  The Roundtable was organized in combined format – a live meeting and discussion and online broadcast in ZOOM.  During the RoundTable technical, technological, financial and economic, marketing and legal platforms were discussed, which are key focus areas in implementation of the «Electro Motion Program». The event was moderated by Sergey Khalyutin, President of the Association “Power Supply”, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.  The audience took part in the discussion, obtained comments  from speakers and experts and noted  in the end the high professional value and relevance of the event.

This year The Power Electronics exhibition was attended by specialists of manufacturing companies, research and development Institutes, leading suppliers of power electronics components and modules, design, installation and integration companies.

Offline exhibitions remain an effective business tool, providing the efficient collaboration between players on the market in knowledge-intensive sector, such as power electronics, and motivating the business community to personal meetings at the event. 

Power Electronics is the place, where you can get up-to-date information about new developments, creation and application of the element base, special devices and complexes for modeling and testing of power supply systems.
At the same time with Power Electronics at Crocus Expo (Moscow, Russia) MVK company successfully held 7 more exhibitions of industrial equipment:  Testing&Control, ExpoCoating Moscow, HEAT&POWER, PCVExpo, GasSuf, NDT Russia.  The exhibitions were organized with the active support of industry associations and specialized government institutions: The Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, The State Duma Committee on Energy,  Federal Agency of Technical Regulation and Metrology and others. 

The first feedback from exhibitors confirms that participation in the event was really effective and exceeded their expectations. Even in such difficult conditions exhibitions keep providing significant benefits to business, help to start and develop business relationships.  The large number of applications for participation in exhibitions 2021 also reflects the great value of the past events. Exhibitions and congresses are really safe for participants and professional conveners promote the recovery of the industries, stimulating demand for power electronics products and establishing mutually beneficial relations between producers and customers.

In 2021, the Power Electronics exhibition will be held on October 26-28 at the Crocus Expo Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia.

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